Supercrash! is a comic book series that follows the mishaps of Oliver, a teenage boy who, following a string of events that befell on him, finds out he has superpowers. Upon learning this, an international superhero company, called Superhumans Inc., hires him to became the resident hero of the city he just moved in.

Taking on the name of Supercrash, Oliver now has to learn how to become a competent superhero for the city (something he initially fails hard at) all the while maintaining a seemingly-normal life, as a clumsy hormone-ridden teenager. Not an easy task, considering all the opposition the title of superhero brings with it, coming from robbers, monsters, evil geniuses, vigilante groups, policemen, to what is probably his greatest danger yet: his own mother.

Supercrash is an adventurous, humourous series, combining classic and modern tropes from the world of superheroes, sometimes embracing them, sometimes subverting them. It’s drawn in a visual style that borrows heavily from both Franco-Belgian and manga comic styles, thus creating a visual and narrative blend, appealing to all ages and genders.

The first tome, grouping the 3 first chapters of the story, has been published in hard cover by Studio Coopératif Premières Lignes (now Éditions Vents d’Ouest) at the end of 2013. The English version has been self-published. The second tome, grouping the next 3 chapters, will be out in both French and English sometime during spring of 2016, as a self-published book. A Kickstarter campaign was held from February 26th to March 26th 2017 to help gather the funds to print the second book.