The hero of this story. Oliver is a clumsy superhuman who is tasked with protecting the city of Norandopolis. He’s still new to the whole superhero game, so he requires Superpouf’s assistance in order to do his duties. He is impatient and overeager, but courageous and well-intentioned nonetheless. He’s not immune to panic attacks when a threat is overwhelming him, though, and he doesn’t quite master his laser powers. All of this makes him a somewhat unreliable but still lovable superhero.


  • Real name: Jude (last name unknown)
  • Age: 17
  • Occupation: Half-superhuman, mentor of Supercrash
  • Location: Norandopolis
  • Appearances in comic: First | All as Superpouf | All as Jude

Superpouf is Supercrash’s mentor. He’s a half-superhero with diminished powers, as a consequence to something that happened in his past. He can’t properly defend a city with his weak light-based powers, so he was relegated to being Supercrash’s mentor when the latter became a superhero, guiding him and giving him advice. He’s jaded and has low tolerance for Supercrash’s antics, with a behaviour ranging from being strictly by-the-book to being all about “screw the rules”.


  • Full name: Hilary DaCosta
  • Age: 36
  • Occupation: Mother of Oliver, Military weapons engineer
  • Location: Norandopolis, Oliver’s House
  • Appearances in comic: First | All

Hilary is Supercrash’s single mother. She and Oliver moved in Norandopolis at the beginning of the story. She has some military baggage, which translates in her being quite adamant and strict to Oliver. She is completely obsessed with making life miserable for superheroes, ever since one of them destroyed part of her house, the day she moved in. Despite her constant hunting of superheroes, Hilary is completely oblivious of her son’s secret identity.


  • Real name: Eadrwd D’Aimrapnedeir?
  • Age: 16
  • Occupation: Resident superhuman of Somma
  • Location: Somma
  • Appearances in comic: First | All

Superwhatshisname lives in Somma, a town north of Norandopolis. He isn’t much needed over there, so he often ends up in Norandopolis as reinforcements for the other heroes. Superwhatshisname has a huge speech impediment, which makes him difficult to understand by most of the other characters, except for Superpouf (then again, he thinks he understands some parts of it). He has ice-based powers, which can backfire if he isn’t careful.


Darcel runs Superhumans Inc., a company that employs superhumans to protect other towns. He discovered heronium, the metal that gives superhumans their powers, at age 17, while working on a drill rig. His discovery helped him become “Darcel the Superhuman”, the first superhero ever. Despite all these accomplishments, Darcel is kind of a con man: he’s self-centered, fast-talking and opportunistic. He nonetheless has a strong sense of justice, and cares a great deal about his new recruits. He believes a lot in Supercrash’s potential.


Irene is the Jill-of-all-trades of the Superhumans Inc. headquarters: she takes care of the administrative stuff, helps around the hiring of new superheroes, and she sometimes sweeps up, too. She’s cheery and high-spirited, that is, if you keep on her right side. Irene wears a cape and mask, and has been shown to manipulate wind, even though she looks too old to be a superhuman. The true extent of her powers, and how she uses them (other than opening doors) is still unknown to date.

The loving and caring nurse

Nurses often have it tough; this one is not an exception. This particular nurse took care of Oliver while he was out cold, after he was first brought into the Superhumans Inc. headquarters. She is quite competent, but she barely gets any credit for her hard work. Every night, she dines on tears and shattered dreams. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the poor nurses??


  • Full name: Hogatha (last name unknown)
  • Age: Too old
  • Occupation: Superhumans Inc. instructor, old hag
  • Location: Norandopolis, Superhumans Inc. headquarters
  • Appearances in comic: First | All

Hogatha is the oldest Superhumans Inc. employee (in every possible sense of the word). Her job is to instruct new recruits with some of the Superhumans Inc. history, and offer some starting guidelines, though she’d rather rely on an old VHS tape to do this for her, nowadays. Supercrash, upon meeting her for the first time, is completely horrified by her whole being. Most of the times she is brought up, it is as the butt of a joke or as an analogy to something dreadful. All things considered, one does wonder why she hasn’t retired yet.

The Policeman

A policeman Supercrash occasionally meets in his adventures. Highly trained and professional, this officer sees superhumans as amateurs who can’t properly do their duties and brushes them off when they offer help. He harbors a disdain of superheroes that seem to be shared with the rest of the Norandopolis police force.

Van Vector

  • Full name: Julius Van Vector
  • Age: ?
  • Occupation: Self-proclaimed evil genius, techno-terrorist and video game designer
  • Location: The Vectodome
  • Appearances in comic: First | All

A mysterious young man who proclaims himself a supervillain, Julius lives in isolation in a place called The Vectodome, along with a small army called the Vector Army, and their general, General Janie. When he’s not plagiarizing video games for a living, he actively seeks to abduct superheroes and use their superspheres for evil. His main motivation is revenge; however, we’re not sure exactly what he is seeking revenge for.

General Janie

A mysterious young woman who is the general of the Van Vector’s Vector army. Not much is known about her, other than she is out to observe Supercrash and report his activities to Van Vector. She moves around using the Norandopolis sewer system, in order to stay undercover.


  • Full name: Jennifer (last name unknown)
  • Age: 14
  • Occupation: High school student
  • Location: Norandopolis, Headframe High School
  • Appearances in comic: First | All

Jennifer is a high school student at the Headframe High School, and a classmate of Oliver. She is the most popular student in her school year, and she plays the part. While she looks innocent, friendly and sociable, Jennifer is actually cold, distant and somewhat manipulative. Oliver develops a sudden crush on her, and she tends to use that in order to get what she wants. She is interested in his alter-ego, Supercrash, though her exact motives are unknown. This girl seems to hide a handful of secrets…


  • Full name: Oliver Garcia
  • Age: 14
  • Occupation: High school student, journalist for the Top Nickel school newspaper
  • Location: Headframe High School
  • Appearances in comic: First | All

O2 is Oliver’s classmate. He befriends him after being thrown into a recycle bin by a bully. O2 got his nickname from Oliver, since they share the same first name (Oliver thinks it necessary to have the two of them differentiated). O2 likes gossip, and never misses a chance to write about it in the school newspaper. For this reason, he takes a particular interest in Supercrash, and to some extent, Jennifer (even though he’s not particularly attracted to her). He carries his laptop with him everywhere he goes.

Demo, Hack and Combo

Van Vector’s highest ranking army. Each of them has a specialty: Demo is a pyro specialist, Hack is a swordswoman, and Demo is a close combat expert. They are teenage runaways who were recruited by Janie to serve the Vectors. Even though the three girls are decent in their fighting skills, their somewhat unorganized tactics and tendencies to argue with each other mean they can be easily defeated. The fact they’ve never seen superheroes before doesn’t help their case.

Bill, Rick and Ted

The Anti-superhero Squad is a team of three men formed by Hilary to fight off rogue superheroes. Bill is a retired policemen, Rick is a baseball fan, and Ted is an explosives maniac. All three of them live in the vicinity of Hilary and share her passion for protecting their neighbourhood with her. They seem to have the potential to be an additional nuisance to Supercrash and the other superheroes, even though we haven’t seen much of them so far.


Superblam is the superhero that crashed into Oliver’s house way back at the beginning of the story. Remember how he got up, quickly apologized, and flew away, leaving his supersphere behind? We all know how that ended up for Oliver, but how about the man himself? Superblam re-appears in the later chapters, where we get a much better idea of his personality: he’s obnoxious, rude and somewhat of a macho, traits that seem to to compatible with Superpouf, since the two of them are best friends. Their reunion casts a rather worrying shadow on Supercrash, though. What will happen of their partnership?