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The backstory of Darcel Surroi, founder of Superhumains Inc.
Nov 01, 2009Prologue - Page 0
Nov 02, 2009Prologue - Page 1
Nov 03, 2009Prologue - Page 2
Nov 04, 2009Prologue - Page 3
Nov 05, 2009Prologue - Page 4
Nov 06, 2009Prologue - Page 5

Chapter 1

Oliver moves in Norandopolis with his mother, and has his first encounter with superheroes.

Chapter 2

Oliver wakes up to finds himself in the Superhumans Inc. headquarters, and is being offered to become a superhero.

Chapter 3

Oliver, now Supercrash, makes his first step into superhumanhood, with the help of Superpouf.

Chapter 5

Supercrash and other superheroes retaliate against an unknown menace.