Here we go! After nearly… one month?? Aaargh.

There are so much things that are wrong with this page. But I spent too much time on it already, it’s fine as it is, I don’t wanna hear about it anymore, end of story. 😛

The first thing people will notice is the characters featured. Why is my character not there? Why are there recurring characters instead? And so on. The only explanation I’ll give is: my page didn’t turn out exactly as I planned. This part of the story took a new tangent and in consequence, several things in the layout changed. That’s it. I included some of the previously featured superhumans for the sake of continuity. You can’t have nearly the same scene, a few moments later, with a whole new cast of characters, if you know what I mean.

I could explain for an hour why I did this and that but I’m tired and just wanna get it over with. I just hope you’ll enjoy this short page anyway!