So this is the end of chapter 6!

Thanks for sticking by until the end! Had I split another page in two and spread it on two updates, the next update would have been on June 2nd, the exact date at which I revived this place, one year ago. Time sure flies by fast.

So this comic has been running for a full-year with very few interruptions (maybe two or three as far as I can tell). What’s coming for the future? …I seriously don’t know. Despite all my best efforts, I haven’t been able to attract more readers in that last year of activity, nor was I able to reach the same level of readership I had during the chapters 1-3 era (2009-2013), even when having a regular schedule. So, while I will definitely keep making Supercrash books, I’m not so sure about his online presence. Time will tell, I suppose.

On the other hand, I’m working on a different project that’ll probably end up as a webcomic, so keep watching  the usual places (DeviantART, Facebook, Twitter) for further updates!

Thanks for reading!