Again a slight delay in delivering, but at least it’s there.

Last page of this chapter, folks! Yes, it was a short chapter, but it mainly serves as an introduction to the series. Next one should be a little longer as it’s going to have a lot more content.

Now, before you ask, beginning of the second chapter won’t be coming for a little while. Not too long, mind you, but maybe as far as a few weeks. Why is that? I need to have a few things planned up in the series, and I have to work on other things for now. Working on the first chapter proved to be hectic as nothing was planned in advance. So I intend to avoid that with the forthcoming chapter.

In the meanwhile, the site will encounter a few changes. I’m not quite satisfied of how the webcomic is running right now so I’ll be working on that, along with promoting it more on other websites (I have enough content to do so now).

Thanks to everybody who read the comic so far! And thanks in advance for voting for this week’s page, as usual!