New page! This week it’s, uh… wait… what where when and hoooow?

This is actually a page that was planned to take place in chapter 3, right after what is currently page 10. I took it out at some point because I thought it didn’t bring anything substantial to the story. It was most likely blah blah blahs with a sparse joke here and there. Oh, and Superwhatshisname’s in it.

I decided to put it back mostly because I didn’t like where some pages ended up being in the final printed version (for example, page 26 and page 27 of chapter 3 were visible at the same time when the book was open, ruining the small cliffhanger that was going on there, whereas you need to flip the page to see the final punch, with the addition of this page). I also felt that Superwhatshisname was rather neglected and didn’t have a proper introduction. So it’s kind of his page. Because he’s swell like that, right?

If you can decipher all of Superwhatshisname’s dialog, you deserve a pizza-sized cookie.