…and we’re back on regular schedule! Hope you superreaders had a wonderful holiday season, and that you started 2017 off on the right foot.

I got some great news and some less great news. The good news is that I was accepted in TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, that will be held in May, just before my birthday! It’s a really exciting opportunity for me, to finally attend such a prestigious comic book festival in English language. I still have a good amount of Supercrash copies available for sale, and I’m happy I’ll finally have an opportunity to find new readers.

The bad news is that my publisher in the French language politely suggested me to go find some place else to publish my next book. It’s a huge disappointment that sets me back in my progression as a comic artist, and I started thinking of alternatives to have the second book made, in both languages. It means I’ll have to either to back to publisher hunting or to go the self-publishing way. Crowdfunding is also a possibility. I’m considering all options, but I gotta act fast, as the book festival season is approaching FAST.

In the meantime, the webcomic will go on, as scheduled. I’ll find some place to fit in the fanart special, don’t worry about that.

Thanks a lot for reading, guys. Your continual support is what keeps me going, even through these tough times.