Welcome to the Simon Fan Club Page! It’s great to see this many of you… hello? Is anyone there?

By the way guys, I started uploading pages with a width of 1200 pixels, instead of 800! It doesn’t make a difference on the website, but now you can zoom in if some details are too small for you (150% would be the preferred zoom setting). Just hit “Ctrl and +” simultaneously on your keyboard to zoom in. I’ll try to integrate an auto-zoom function someday, when and if I have some time to kill (mostly if, hahaha).

Also, I’m still working on launching the Kickstarter campaign for book 2. I’m almost ready, but need one thing to be done, and then I have to go through the approval process. I’m looking forward to it, but am also a bit nervous. Will let you know once it’s live!

As usual, translation by Lamarce a.k.a. Aya Reiko (with some touch-ups by me, so if there are errors or typos, blame it on me!)