Sorry for the slight delay once again, I’m trying not to step in my old habits again, but this time I had a health concern which kept me from working on my comic. Fortunately it’s only a 24-hour delay this time. 🙂

This is one hell of a busy page, but definitely one of the prettiest I’ve done yet, and one that also delivers a good deal of information to set ground for the next chapter, whenever I’m gonna start working on it. You know what this means, folks? Final page(s) of chapter 3 to be posted next week!

If you want to read the small text present on this page (which was not intended to be read, but I know some of you will try to), you can vote for the webcomic by following this link, in order to access the bigger page (no subscription necessary, you just vote, then that’s it!).

Thanks for reading!