Jennifer might want to rethink her plans, now.

Also, sorry guys for skipping the Friday update. If you follow me on other social platforms, you may have noticed that I posted a message about finishing Supercrash. What this means is that I finished all the comic pages for the chapters 4 to 6 (so, this one and the next 2). This is a big feat, since it means that book 2 (which includes those 3 chapters) will be able to go into production, so the physical book can be made. So this book will be joining book 1 , which contains the first 3 chapters.

As for the release date, I’m still not certain. I have been told today that the French book would not be released before 2017. Same applies to the English version. More details will follow as soon as I gather them.

As always, translation from French to English was done by my partner, Lamarce a.k.a. Aya Reiko!