Drama! Revelations! Unexpected things happening! Well, some more expected than others…

So this puts an end to chapter 4! I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! Of course, the story has just started to unfold, much more action is planned in the next chapter, which will probably not start right away, so I can allow me some time off to better prepare it. I’ll probably allow myself maybe a week before I start with the next part of the story.

In the meantime, I would like to ask you, the readers, about your opinion on the comic. How do you enjoy it? Things that you particularly liked? Things you hated? Reader feedback is important to me, so if you have anything to say at this point, by all means, do it! Don’t hesitate to reply in the comments below. I read all your comments!

Thanks for reading once again! As always, translation from French to English was done by my partner, Lamarce a.k.a. Aya Reiko!