Defenseless Oliver, running about in the villain’s war room. Where is a Deus Ex Machina when you need one?

Sorry again for the lack of update Friday! I was in a surprisingly tight spot, with everything happening at the same time (as it always happens in Christmas time). I usually can plan these sort of things but this time I got caught. Last Friday was supposed to be 2016’s last comic update, but instead, this one will be. I will do at least one fanart special and post random drawings until January 6th, the official return date of the comic.

Also, if you follow my work as a DJ, I usually release a 80-minute mix called “La Grande Rétrospective Musicale de l’Année 20xx” (also known as the Yearmix 20xx) around this time of year. I did one for 2016, but it will be available only on December 31st, 2016. There’s a way you can get it before, though, and you can find out on my Facebook page for DJ Bourg.

As usual, translation by Lamarce a.k.a. Aya Reiko!

Thanks for reading y’all!