With this page, we’ve reached the end of chapter 5. Yay! Though this time we’re getting a downer ending, I promise you things will go back to a lighter tone pretty quickly (because this is not exactly a dramatic webcomic, eh).

Next week, we will be having the fanart special, finally. No holiday vacation to get in the way, this time! So if you’re considering doing some fanart, now is truly the time! Just don’t submit it at the last minute, as I usually prepare my pages a few days in advance.

You can either send your fanart to my e-mail adress, or submit it to your DeviantART gallery and use the hashtag #supercrash, or publish it to the Superhumans Inc. group, so I can see it.

As usual, translation by Lamarce a.k.a. Aya Reiko.

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