Here it is finally, the Fanart special! A compilation of various fanarts I have received over the years. I had no idea I had that many before I did a search for “Supercrash” on DeviantART. Some people haven’t even notified me about these!

So, chapter 6 will start next week. Will it be Monday’s update? We shall see! Hope to see you around for the chapter 6 premiere!

I’ll be exhibiting at local anime convention G-Anime this weekend. It’s in the Gatineau-Ottawa area. So stop by if you attend, I’ll have my table and all!

Have a good weekend everybody. 🙂


The classics

“From teen to hero” by Nintendrawer
“A good reason to be a hero” by ttnt
“:Supercrash:” by SuperCaterina
“Supercrash” by Tuooneo
“I’ve got your back” by mandy-kun

The superfans

FaisalAden (gallery) : [drawing 1] [drawing 2] [drawing 3] [drawing 4] 
MrNintMan (gallery) : [drawing 1] [drawing 2]
HamSamwich (gallery) : [drawing 1] [drawing 2] [drawing 3] [drawing 4] 
Josh-S26 (gallery) : [drawing 1] [drawing 2] [drawing 3]
Fauchereve (gallery)
Ymarose (gallery) (Cosplayers in Action Facebook page)
Lamarce (gallery) : [drawing 1] [drawing 2]

More fanart!

Supercrash thing-a-jig” by Luigiman11
“Hair” by Luigiman11
“Jennifer” by lumatora
“Superpouf” by lumatora
“Ish Superpouf” by TheArgoNinja
“The Super Newbie” by LuigiStar445
“Inktober 04 – Supercrash” by jsgentertainment
“SuperCrash” by totojo2
“Superhero Crossing” by ultimatestudios
“Everyone need a hero!” by isaangie
“Supercrash” by isaangie
“SuperCrash” by 6GonzaloCortez4
“Homenaje a TheBourgyman” by 6growercrower4
“Crash” by theartistfreak
“Supercrash” by wbkenji