When your mother meets your new friends for the first time (or new arch-enemies, same thing). Awkwaaaard.

I’ve had a little trouble posting this since I’m visiting my family in the northern parts of Quebec. Damn you, not-as-high-speed internet!

Also, the Kickstarter campaign is going strong. Although it slowed down a bit, we’re nearing the 30% of the total goal. I’ll be doing a few Kickstarter-related activities to help spread the good news. Please feel free to do so as well by telling your friends how awesome this comic is (if you think it, of course) and sharing it! This is sure to help at least a bit!

As usual, translation by Lamarce a.k.a. Aya Reiko (with some touch-ups by me, so if there are errors or typos, blame it on me!)